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NAVC tournament participation is mandatory. Tournaments give athletes the chance to compete at higher levels, develop their court skills, and strengthen their knowledge of the game. They also give the athlete a chance to be seen by college scouts. Finally, the success of our team training depends upon all members of the team being present.
Tournament agendas, lodging arrangements and other important travel information will be provided to each player as soon as NAVC has received the information from the tournament directors. We prefer to do most of our communication through e-mail and our website. We will post hotel and tournament information for each team on the website as soon as it is available. All tournament schedules will be finalized in early December. A tentative tournament schedule for each team will be posted on our website first week of September.

Tournaments are held on weekends January through April, for teams who qualify for USAV Nationals or are playing in AAU Nationals, season will end at the end of June.  Most tournaments are played using a round-robin pool play format.  Each team will play at least three matches, and possibly more depending on the tournament.  Some, but not all, tournaments use pool play matches to determine seeding for elimination play, but the exact format varies both by tournament and age group.  Most one day events begin 8 am and may finish as late as 9 pm.  Multiple day tournaments offer flights which means an age group may begin at 8 am finish as late as 2 pm and another flight for other age groups will begin at 2 pm and may finish as late as 9 pm.  The second day most teams will begin at 8 am and may finish as late as 4 pm.  Tournament pools and schedules are generally posted the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the tournament.
On tournament days, players should arrive 1 hour before the first match or work assignment and should be at the court stretching at least 45 minutes prior to the match.  About 30 minutes before game time, the team should be warming up indoors wherever possible, and with a volleyball if space and tournament rules permit.
All players must wear NAVC logo items, not  your high school or favorite college team sweat shirts or sweats.
During the day each team should stay together and must advise its coach if players leave the site to obtain food.  Be aware of match schedules and when your team plays, referees, or rests.  Sometimes, after the last match of the pool play, a team may need to play in a playoff game.  Make sure that you know if a playoff will occur prior to the leaving the tournament site.  A team who has not qualified for playoffs may need to stay and referee one match. 
Teams are typically grouped into pools of four or five teams.  Each team plays every other team in its pool once.  Teams not scheduled to play supply officials or enjoy a rest period.  The rest period should be used for meals (refer to nutritional guidelines).
In many tournaments, the top two teams in each of the pools will advance to the Gold Bracket.  Teams also accrue points based on their standings in each tournament.  The points are used to seed teams at SRVA Championships.  Teams can earn an automatic bid to the USAV Junior National Championship by winning or placing high at “bid” tournaments.
Consequences for missing tournaments:
  • Missing a part of any tournament day counts as 1 absence, this includes the responsibility of officiating at the tournament.
  • Attendance at National Qualifiers and Regional’s is mandatory
  • The Coaching Director/Club Director will evaluate all tournament absences with proper documentation on a case-by-case basis.
    • Consequence of missing part of any tournament
      • Athlete will be suspended from competing in the first match after arrival to the tournament.
      • If Athlete misses entire tournament Athlete will be suspended for two consecutive matches at the next tournament date scheduled.
      • If player does not attend National Qualifier or Regionals, player will be suspended for one full day of the next tournament date scheduled.
Is Playing time Guaranteed?
  • Playing time is left to the DISCRETION OF THE COACH.
  • Equal Practice Time is what is being paid for in the fees.  Playing time IS NOT guaranteed for tournament play.  Playing time is determined by, in no particular order, ability, attitude, position, performance, attendance and the level of the tournament.
  • We will not play everyone on the first day in pool play because it is pool play.  It is as important to place as high as possible in the ranking of teams in pool play on the first day of the tournament as it is to place high on the last day of the tournament.  At National Qualifiers and SRVA Regional Championships it is important to place 1st or 2nd in pool play.
  • Our policy for our “developmental” teams which are 11-2, 12-2, 12-3, 12-4, 13-3, 13-4, 13-5 will be that coaches will attempt to have all players play at tournaments.
Player’s Role on Team & Grievance Procedure
If the player, parent or family member is unhappy with the player’s role on the team the following procedure MUST take place (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO ISSUES INVOLVING THE PLAYER’S ROLE ON THE TEAM, ANY OTHER COMMUNICATION IS INVITED AND GREATLY APPRECIATED!)
            1.  The player only, must schedule a meeting with the coach, outside of practice time.
            2.  If the player is not satisfied with the response from their coach, the player can schedule
                   a meeting with the coach and the director.
            3.  If the player is still not satisfied, then the parent may schedule a meeting with the coach
                  and director, BUT ONLY WITH THE PLAYER ALSO PRESENT.
If any family member fails to follow this protocol, then the player will be suspended from the team for one week.  If there is a 2nd violation, the player will be suspended for 3 weeks.  We truly care about the success of both the players and the team.  Toward this end the coaches will do everything possible to accomplish both.  However, please remember this is a TEAM sport and playing time is EARNED in practice, not paid for by club dues.  Every effort will be made to satisfy or address the concerns of the athlete.  The athlete may not like the reply, but each concern will be addressed and an explanation will be shared with the athlete. This brings up another important rule for the club NEVER TREAT ANYONE ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.  Please remember, if you as a player are unhappy, talking to everyone else but the staff will not change your problem.  We can only correct those problems we know about.


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