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At NAVC we are focused on building better players, teams and people. As part of our initiative to build better people, we at NAVC commit to making an impact that is grander than what is achieved on the volleyball courts. In 2015, we launched NAVC SERVES a volunteer service program where our players, coaches and parents have an opportunity to serve others in our Atlanta community. At NAVC we recognize that together both on and off the volleyball court we can achieve more. 

With 28 volleyball teams and over 330 players our ability to make a difference in the Atlanta community is immense! And we recognize that giving of our time not only makes a difference in the lives of others, but also inspires us to grow more. 

Each team will have a NAVC Serves parent coordinator who will assist the team and coach in identifying a volunteer opportunity for the team. 

If you are a non-profit organization seeking youth volunteers ages 11-18, please contact NAVC Serves coordinator Courtney Clark, Additionally, if you are an NAVC parent or player and would like to have NAVC Serves partner with a particular organization this season please contact Courtney Clark (address above).

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Courtney Clark, NAVC Serves Community Outreach

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