Training at NAVC & Tentative Practice & Tournament Schedules

NAVC West offers teams for girls ages 12-17 

View the following information for Teams Offered, How Practices will run, Length of season & Tounament Info (this information was updated on Oct 26th)

Tentative Team Practice & Tournament Schedules are posted on the right hand side of this page or on your cell phone at the bottom of the page,  under Related Documents.  Click on the age group for your daughter and view the PDF form.
  • NAVC, founded in 1993 is the longest running junior girls volleyball club in meto Atlanta.  We are a family friendly organization that offers a rigorous training program as well as our NAVC Serves community service program and we have a lot of fun.  We understand the need of balance between our rigorous trainng and making sure that the girls love the game of volleyball.  We want all of them to remember their club volleyball experience as a time when they became a better player but more importantly when they learned life lessons and made life long friends whom they had a lot of fun with during their volleyball career at NAVC.
  • Teams will be trained and will compete in competetive tournaments, this is not recreational volleyball program, we practice and attend tournaments to play at our highest level possible. All players on our teams including Metro teams are expected to attend each practice, position training, all tournaments and team activities for the length of the volleyball season.  
  • NAVC will offer the most rigorous training program in metro Atlanta preparing you as a player and preparing your teams for a successful club season.  Each of you will improve your skills, physical conditioning, mental toughness, leadership, teamwork, overall volleyball knowledge and understanding.
Teams Offered NAVC West:

Club Level Teams: A better reference would be "travel" teams.  NAVC West will offer two teams at our 15, 16, 17 ages.   
  • 2-3 Practices Per Week Nov 25th-Mid May (Sunday, Tuesday and  TH practice) Refer to Practice Schedule  If your team has tournament on Sunday your team will practice two times during that week
  • Position Training sessions will be held on Sunday's at Group Training.  The first one hour session of our Sunday training will be focused on positions.
  • Strength & Conditioning 30 minute session at each practice
  • Yoga session after Sunday practice 30 minutes
  • 8 Tournaments: 3 of the 8 tournaments are out of town (refer to the tentative tournament schedule)

Metro Level Teams: 
Metro Teams offer an alternative program to girls ages 15, 16.   Metro teams practice two times per week and attend five (5) one day tournaments in metro Atlanta. Position training and Strength & Conditioning training are not included.   Although Metro teams have less practices and less tournaments then our regular club teams it is expected that you be committed to attending each practice and tournament. 

For the 2018-2019 season we are introducing a phased approach to team training.  The 2018-19 season will have the introduction of our NAVC Academy practices which is designed to focus on skill development focused on sound and consistent fundamentals and eliminating skill based errors in game-time situations.  

Sunday Practice 2 1/2 hours:
  • Setters arrive 30 mintues prior to posted practice time for team
  • All players will be led by NAVC Strength/Conditioning Coach:  Strength/Conditioning/Speed-30 minutes (this will be a rigorous physical conditioning format, be prepared)
  • Position break out 60 minutes where each position focuses on 1 skill/ shot/ movement.
  • Team drills/ round robin format 30 minutes, teams are all doing the same thing with same emphasis...NAVC System training
  • Finish up day with 30 minute Yoga Session led by certified Yoga Instructor.

Tuesday Practice 2  hours: (as we move into tournament season Feb-end of season, this night becomes a team focus practice after fitness session)
  • Strength/Conditioning/Speed-30 minutes (this will be a rigorous physical conditioning format, be prepared)
  • Team drills  1 1/2  hour
 Thursday Team Practice 2 hours:
  • All teams will practice on their own court, coaches practice plan